South Carolina’s Solar Future is Under Threat


Why should I care?


South Carolina legislators unanimously passed the Energy Freedom Act (EFA) earlier this year and it was intended to set South Carolina on a new path for energy.


But bureaucrats apparently didn’t get the message.


According to Solar Power World, “the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a crippling order to the solar industry after months of debate regarding how the state’s utilities set the rate paid to large solar facilities. The Energy Freedom Act directs the Commission to level the playing field between utilities and the solar industry, and instead, the Commission sided with utilities to keep the monopoly status quo.”


Unfortunately, the Public Service Commission’s recent decision on solar rates could devastate South Carolina’s clean energy development for years. It establishes the lowest solar rates in the entire country and one of the shortest contract terms in the Southeast. These are bad things, as they discourage independent power producers from investing in solar and putting power on the grid.


The EFA is a comprehensive energy policy intended to advance the responsible development of renewable energy in South Carolina in a way that protects and benefits ratepayers, lower rates, increase consumer choice, inject competition into the state’s energy market, and promote clean, renewable energy.


The state legislature clearly intended for the EFA to change “business as usual” in South Carolina, but that hasn’t happened – yet.


However, you can help! Take action today:


  1. Call/email your state legislators and tell them to fully implement the EFA and that the PSC’s decision hurts consumers. Click here to contact legislators

  2. Write a letter to your local newspaper to tell readers that the PSC’s decision hurts consumers and will increase power rates.

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